Most real estate experts across the country agree that the long, steep housing downturn is finally coming to an end. As buyers weigh the pros and cons of buying a luxury home versus building a custom dream home, they must consider what home size will best accommodate their families. As the population ages gracefully, accessibility and flexible home spaces become more of a priority than ever before. Especially in Montana’s beautiful Bitterroot Valley, outdoor living options like patios, gardens, and screened porches are very important to luxury home shoppers.

In the 1990s and early 2000s, home sizes were getting larger and larger as luxury home buyers craved wide open spaces and plenty of room for growth. However, fewer architects reported an increase in home sizes starting around 2006, and a large number of families were actually sharing homes by 2011. In recent years, ceilings have ceased to be as high and foyers have ceased to be so grand. However, a decrease in size certainly does not indicate a decrease in luxury accommodations.

Many luxury items continue to be in high demand, regardless of the square footage they’re in. Custom luxury home builders consistently receive requests for saunas in their homes’ master bathrooms and state-of-the-art wiring for home theater and media rooms. Due to economic hardships, more families are staying at home and vacationing less. Therefore, more families are willing to invest their money in multimedia entertainment rooms rather than high-priced outside entertainment venues. Fortunately for residents of Hamilton, Corvalis, and Victor, Montana, the view from a new Bitterroot Valley custom home can be just as fulfilling as any device-projected image on a screen!

Due to accessibility concerns in multi-generational luxury homes, many custom home buyers are requesting home elevators and lifts for elderly members who have difficulty with staircases. Although basements used to be places for husbands to watch football games and send the kids down to play in, they are more recently being converted into separate living spaces for in-laws and adult children. These converted living spaces can even have separate kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor access when you design your own luxury dream home with a experienced custom builder.

While luxury home sizes have undoubtedly been affected by the real estate market and the housing cycle, property lot sizes in many regions of the country appear to be in an even longer-term downturn. Fortunately, Montana’s Bitterroot Valley still has plenty of wide open spaces to explore and call your own. Even if lot sizes don’t make a dramatic increase when the real estate market evolves, many luxury households will still be able to pursue property enhancements and upgrades. As interests in outdoor living space increase in the area between the stunning Bitterroot Range and the Sapphire Mountains, luxury home builders will continue finding innovative ways to bring affordable luxury to everyday life.


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