When it comes to building a luxury home in Montana, the Big Sky has no limit.  Recently, a friend of mine designed a home with a full airport hangar in the basement. The reason behind it was that the owner really loved his aircraft. He loved it so much that he had his home built so there were open spaces in the floor above the hangar; so he could see the plane when he was in his home. This was his dream, and it was built to his specifications.

The beauty of luxury home design is that you can have your home built exactly the way you dream it to be. Last month we discussed the beauty of outdoor living spaces.  Include a luxurious hot tub so after a long day of playing in the snow, you can relax and look at the stars.  When you contract with Devries Construction, you have the opportunity to create your dream home, and design everything the way you want it.

In Western Montana, DeVries Construction has the experience in building luxury private estates.  Through incorporation of high-quality insulation, efficiency of structural designs and thermal exchanges, DeVries Construction is capable to offset the effects of carbon footprints, waste emission, lighting and heating. Here, we have been using recycled lumber for studs and other recycled materials for plastic wood and insulation products.

While constructing interior of luxurious homes in Western Montana, we have been providing our consultancy to reduce airflow drafts round the doors and fix solar energy panels on the roofs. There are a few methods that have been used for improving water heater efficiency and reducing energy consumption in such luxurious estates. More than ever before, homes are constructed with the highest consideration for eco-friendly and reduced energy consumption and footprints of carbon dioxide from such homes.  In addition, luxury homes are always protected with the latest security measures. This can mean having  a fingerprint identifier installed at the front door, or a serious security system complete with cameras. Whatever you desire, with DeVries Construction as your luxury home designer, you will be sure to have it.



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