When it comes to building a luxury home in Montana, the Big Sky has no limit.  Recently, a friend of mine designed a home with a full airport hangar in the basement. The reason behind it was that the owner really loved his aircraft. He loved it so much that he had his home built so there were open spaces in the floor above the hangar; so he could see the plane when he was in his home. This was his dream, and it was built to his specifications.

The beauty of luxury home design is that you can have your home built exactly the way you dream it to be. Last month we discussed the beauty of outdoor living spaces.  Include a luxurious hot tub so after a long day of playing in the snow, you can relax and look at the stars.  When you contract with Devries Construction, you have the opportunity to create your dream home, and design everything the way you want it.

In Western Montana, DeVries Construction has the experience in building luxury private estates.  Through incorporation of high-quality insulation, efficiency of structural designs and thermal exchanges, DeVries Construction is capable to offset the effects of carbon footprints, waste emission, lighting and heating. Here, we have been using recycled lumber for studs and other recycled materials for plastic wood and insulation products.

While constructing interior of luxurious homes in Western Montana, we have been providing our consultancy to reduce airflow drafts round the doors and fix solar energy panels on the roofs. There are a few methods that have been used for improving water heater efficiency and reducing energy consumption in such luxurious estates. More than ever before, homes are constructed with the highest consideration for eco-friendly and reduced energy consumption and footprints of carbon dioxide from such homes.  In addition, luxury homes are always protected with the latest security measures. This can mean having  a fingerprint identifier installed at the front door, or a serious security system complete with cameras. Whatever you desire, with DeVries Construction as your luxury home designer, you will be sure to have it.



It is often said that there is room for every buyer in the marketplace, so why not make room for only the best when you are building your luxury home? Having worked so hard to make plans for your dream home and making sure that everything is on track; there is no one to stop you from building the home you have always wished for.

Building a new home from scratch can be a daunting task. Therefore if you want a home which reflects your own taste and sense of unique style, then you should look for a home builder such as Jacob DeVries of DeVries Construction Inc, located in Hamilton, Montana. DeVries Construction is a luxury home building who has the ability to build the home you’ve always dreamed of. You can be confident that DeVries Construction is experienced and knowledgeable; a firm that can transform a piece of land into your dream location. DeVries Construction of Hamilton Montana is a professional and experienced builder, able to give you valuable advice on important home building factors like design, budget and your specific building preferences.

There are many benefits to working with a luxury home construction company in Hamilton Montana. For every home builder it is essential to get information on architectural planning and using a licensed luxury home construction firm will make your work easier. You no longer need to settle for something not appealing to you or which isn’t your style. The fact that Jacob is experienced in custom built homes, gives you the freedom of choosing spaces and material of your own choice. Starting with just a piece of land, you get to choose what stays in and what goes. With a professional helping you out, you are always at an advantage as you’ll be able to tell exactly what you want regardless of how large the design project may be. Whether you want a combination of a large deck, a master suite, spa tubs, a multipurpose backyard or a large play area, DeVries Construction can fit in to the architectural design. You decide what the final product should look like and leave the rest to the professionals.

The expert builders from DeVries Construction will help you with valuable suggestions and brief you with some many creative ideas. For instance, a luxury home builder can help you choose the best location for your home; we’ll point you to the right type of land, neighborhoods and the expected price for that land. Modern Luxury homes are fortified i.e. built with additional features like fireproof materials, wall reinforcement and other protections against natural disasters. A luxury home construction company such as DeVries Construction is able to combine traditional building with modern architectural design. Their modern anchoring and fastening systems can add performance to walls and roofs and spray form insulation can help keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

Although you are in charge of the design, details and finishes, it is of utmost important to hire a professional and licensed contractor to design and build your home. When building your dream luxury home, the choice of the contractor is just as important as the design of your home. Let that contractor be Jacob DeVries.


Most real estate experts across the country agree that the long, steep housing downturn is finally coming to an end. As buyers weigh the pros and cons of buying a luxury home versus building a custom dream home, they must consider what home size will best accommodate their families. As the population ages gracefully, accessibility and flexible home spaces become more of a priority than ever before. Especially in Montana’s beautiful Bitterroot Valley, outdoor living options like patios, gardens, and screened porches are very important to luxury home shoppers.

In the 1990s and early 2000s, home sizes were getting larger and larger as luxury home buyers craved wide open spaces and plenty of room for growth. However, fewer architects reported an increase in home sizes starting around 2006, and a large number of families were actually sharing homes by 2011. In recent years, ceilings have ceased to be as high and foyers have ceased to be so grand. However, a decrease in size certainly does not indicate a decrease in luxury accommodations.

Many luxury items continue to be in high demand, regardless of the square footage they’re in. Custom luxury home builders consistently receive requests for saunas in their homes’ master bathrooms and state-of-the-art wiring for home theater and media rooms. Due to economic hardships, more families are staying at home and vacationing less. Therefore, more families are willing to invest their money in multimedia entertainment rooms rather than high-priced outside entertainment venues. Fortunately for residents of Hamilton, Corvalis, and Victor, Montana, the view from a new Bitterroot Valley custom home can be just as fulfilling as any device-projected image on a screen!

Due to accessibility concerns in multi-generational luxury homes, many custom home buyers are requesting home elevators and lifts for elderly members who have difficulty with staircases. Although basements used to be places for husbands to watch football games and send the kids down to play in, they are more recently being converted into separate living spaces for in-laws and adult children. These converted living spaces can even have separate kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor access when you design your own luxury dream home with a experienced custom builder.

While luxury home sizes have undoubtedly been affected by the real estate market and the housing cycle, property lot sizes in many regions of the country appear to be in an even longer-term downturn. Fortunately, Montana’s Bitterroot Valley still has plenty of wide open spaces to explore and call your own. Even if lot sizes don’t make a dramatic increase when the real estate market evolves, many luxury households will still be able to pursue property enhancements and upgrades. As interests in outdoor living space increase in the area between the stunning Bitterroot Range and the Sapphire Mountains, luxury home builders will continue finding innovative ways to bring affordable luxury to everyday life.


When many people begin to envision their custom-built dream home, the kitchen is the first thing that comes to mind. Most families have at least one person who loves to cook, and everyone loves to eat! When designing the blueprints for luxury home construction, the kitchen is undeniably one of the most important rooms in the house. It´s a place to gather together with loved ones, to be creative with new things, and be the center of household activity. Custom-built garages, decks, and patios certainly have their place too, but luxury kitchens have a way of symbolizing the true meaning of family.

Montana´s Bitterroot Valley is the perfect place to take advantage of wide open spaces and express your creative freedom. The wonderful part about hiring luxury home construction experts, like DeVries Construction, is that you can design your future any way you want. As you´re designing your kitchen, it´s important to keep the resale value in mind as well. While selling your custom-built Montana dream home may sound unthinkable, life has a way of changing unexpectedly over time and you never know what curve balls may be thrown your way. Not only should your custom-built kitchen make your chef happy, it should also foresee the needs and wants of future residents that may call it their own someday.

Custom-built kitchens should focus on quality, because this is not the place to cut corners to save a few bucks. Luxury kitchen appliances that are durable and energy efficient are essential to any modern kitchen, whether you´re looking to build in Hamilton, Montana, Corvallis, Montana, or elsewhere in the Bitterroot Valley. Households that entertain guests on a regular basis are starting to opt for two dishwashers instead of the standard one, for example. Luxury home builders can brief you on the costs of simple upgrades like these, which are often just a slight increase in cost based on the cabinetry specifications. Custom luxury home builders are also skilled in helping their clients save energy by choosing appliances that perform their duties without being wasteful or harmful to the environment.

Well-designed and functional kitchen cabinets provide luxury home owners with aesthetic pleasure and freedom from costly repairs. Many luxury home owners in the Bitterroot Valley find that installing drawers, instead of cabinets with doors, are more useful and efficient for daily use. DeVries Construction can help you choose granite countertops in a variety of colors and styles to match your décor and your personality. The modern luxury kitchen should also effectively incorporate technology into the areas that need it most. Custom home builders understand the importance of electrical outlet access, not only for standard appliances, but also for the equipment that alleviates cooking hassles and makes it more fun.

What´s the point of building your very own luxury dream home that looks great on the outside if it isn´t perfect on the inside? Would warming drawers, a convection microwave, espresso bar, a hidden pantry, a mobile island, or a purified water faucet make your life easier? If you´re ready to live like you´ve always wanted to, start making a list of the features you envision in your dream kitchen. If you can dream it, you can build it in your very own Bitterroot Valley, Montana luxury home.


If you think Montana´s Bitterroot Valley is always cold and covered in snow, then you clearly haven´t lived in Hamilton, Montana in the summertime. The average July temperature in Hamilton, Montana is eighty-five degrees Fahrenheit, and the mercury has even hit the 100 degree mark! For home owners in the Bitterroot Valley, hot temperatures often equate to higher utility costs. Fortunately, luxury home building and design companies like DeVries Construction can help you cut cooling costs from the minute you step foot into your new dream home.

DeVries Construction can help you evaluate and choose an efficient and eco-friendly air conditioning system that will keep your family cool without breaking your budget. Jake DeVries can recommend whole-house fan systems that can pull the hot air out of your upper levels and help cool your home by several degrees. He can also design a floor plan to maximize the stunning sunrise and sunset views from your Bitterroot Valley home, while minimizing unwanted afternoon heat and glare. He can also advise which windows to leave uncovered to highlight the gorgeous view and which to hang insulated curtains over to serve as protective heat barriers. The beauty of building your own luxury dream home from the ground up is that you can design everything exactly how you want it. The sky´s the limit in Big Sky Country!

After you´ve settled into your new custom-built luxury home, keep your thermostat at a constant temperature because lowering it works the system inefficiently, costs you more, and doesn´t cool your space any faster. If you leave your mountain home, lakefront home, or Victorian home during the day, raise your thermostat a couple degrees to conserve energy. You should clean or replace your air conditioner filters about once a month during the summer, and check your A/C ducts checked for leaks that can significantly reduce your system´s efficiency. Look into installing awnings and planting deciduous trees around your new construction luxury home to shade the windows that face south and west. To keep your new home both warm in the winter and cool in the summer, it will need to be properly insulated.

These easy tips are just the tip of the iceberg. With all the options and decisions to make, it´s easy to become overwhelmed when you´re building a new house from the ground up. But fortunately, you don´t have to go at it alone. For over thirty years, DeVries Construction has been helping Bitterroot Valley residents make their dream lifestyle a reality. Draw upon DeVries´ expertise in home cooling and energy efficiency to design a luxury home that beats the summer heat in the Bitterroot Valley. While the initial installation expense may be higher than you anticipated, the long-term benefits of efficiency are well worth the investment. Once you fall in love with your new Montana luxury dream home, you´ll surely want to settle in for a long time to immerse yourself in the culture and experience everything the environment has to offer.


Let´s face it3;none of us are getting any younger. Whether you´re part of the “Baby Boomer” generation or have a parent that is, accessibility in luxury home construction is more important than ever before. Baby Boomers, in particular, are thinking about what their homes need to look like as they enjoy their retirement days in the Bitterroot Valley.

DeVries Construction understands that a luxury home in Hamilton, Montana doesn´t have to be four stories tall with difficult stairs and narrow passageways. The wonderful part about building your own home is that you can design it in ways that best suit your needs. If you are concerned about your mobility in the years ahead, DeVries can help you design a single-story luxury home that will set your mind at ease. DeVries Construction can help you pick out bathroom features with safety grab bars, kitchen cabinets that don´t require stooping down, and wheelchair ramps to access outdoor spaces.

Another American trend that is gaining popularity is the dual-generation household, as almost one-third of American adults today live with either their children or their parents. More frequently than ever before, adult children are moving back in with their parents after college and elderly parents are moving in to be cared for by their adult children. To accommodate more family members, your luxury home design may need to include dual master suites, separate kitchenette areas, and additional garage space.

As you age gracefully into your golden years, your luxury home design should be able to withstand the test of time. Discuss your accessibility concerns with the construction expert, Jake DeVries, to design a home that will last for generations to come in the Bitterroot Valley.


Even in the wide open spaces of Montana´s Bitterroot Valley, neighbors can be inevitable. The construction of a new luxury home typically involves cement trucks, generators, backhoes, and cranes. Not only does new home construction require a fleet of noisy equipment, it can also create dust, mud, and temporary road closures. While even the best luxury home builders, including DeVries Construction, can´t prevent these inconveniences, there are steps you can take to ensure friendly relations between you and your neighbors.

Hamilton, Montana residents like their peace and quiet, so always keep your neighbors´ privacy in mind. Your neighbors may feel violated if your construction and utility crews are working close to their yards and windows. As with many things in life, communication is the key to success. Before beginning construction of a new luxury home, let each of your neighbors in on your plan and time frame. If you are concerned about a particular neighbor complaining about noise or mess, tip off your construction company so they can take necessary precautions.

Arrange for your construction company to dispose of project debris on a regular basis and store potentially dangerous materials in safe locations. It is always important to keep your neighbors´ safety in mind during new luxury home construction. Make sure that any holes that are dug for fence posts, tree plantings, and swimming poles are safely covered.
Some cities and neighborhoods restrict construction noise to certain hours and require an after-hours work permit for night or weekend work. If you hire a professional builder, like DeVries, you won´t have to worry about noise ordinances that include construction policies. Let your builder handle the laws and regulations, so you can handle your favorite couple next door. When it comes to new home construction, mindfulness and gratitude go a long way.


You can have a luxury home built anywhere, but there´s something truly special about starting a new home construction project in Hamilton, Montana in the Bitterroot Valley. While luxury homes were once reserved for the rich and famous, DeVries Construction offers a wide variety of styles and price ranges to fulfill every aspiring home owner´s dream. Not only will your new construction home be designed exactly the way you want it, but it will be more beautiful because of its spectacular location.

Situated in the southwest corner of Montana, Hamilton is a perfect place to start a new life. Hamilton is small enough to feel like part of a community, yet large enough to have everything you need. It´s a paradise for people who love nature and the outdoors, with plenty of camping, hiking, fishing, gardening, and mountain biking. The Bitterroot Valley is blessed with lots of sunshine, which makes every day a great day to get out and get active.

If you choose to build a new home in Hamilton, Montana you´ll also be opening up a world of job opportunities in the area. Bitterroot Valley´s economy is going strong and large businesses in the area are hiring regularly. Hamilton also whole-heartedly supports local businesses and has an active Chamber of Commerce. Once you get settled in your premier luxury home and find solace in the Montana countryside, you may have the clarity to start thinking about that self-business plan again.

Finding happiness in a home choice weighs heavily on location, and DeVries Construction specializes in top quality luxury homes in Hamilton. You deserve a home that exceeds your expectations, both inside and out.


Everything is a little greener in Western Montana these days3;.the mountains, the forests, and now the luxury home construction business. Thanks to recent advances in construction technology and materials, luxury homes are now greener than ever.

In the past, Montana´s cold weather patterns have made traditional eco-friendly building methods difficult. However, custom home builders in the Bitterroot Valley/Hamilton area, like DeVries Construction Inc., have the expertise and ingenuity to help buyers design an energy efficient home to reduce their carbon footprint and fit a luxurious lifestyle.

By incorporating high-quality insulation, thermal exchangers, and structural design efficiency, home builders are able to offset the environmental effects of heating, lighting, and other waste emissions. Recycled lumber can often be used for studs, and other recycled materials can be used for insulation and plastic wood products. When constructing the interior of a new home, eco-friendly construction companies can also offer helpful recommendations about how to reduce airflow drafts around doors and windows, improve water heater efficiency, and incorporate solar energy into open spaces.

Now more than ever before, home buyers are taking energy efficiency attributes of homes under consideration. And fortunately, aesthetics no longer have to be sacrificed to build sustainable luxury homes in Big Sky Country.


What is so special about historical and modern architecture from the Taj Mahal to Wright’s Graycliff?

Outstanding construction and exceptional design.

In today’s economy, many people start out looking to rent a home or purchase a condo due to their affordability. However, there is no comparison between that type of purchase and building your own home because you can put all of your dreams and ideas into a custom built luxury home.

People are interested in Bitterroot living due to its healthy lifestyle and country living. Working with a professional construction company is one of the most important decisions someone can make. Finding an architectural designer who will work closely with clients, helping them visualize project design at the conceptual state using 3D models, artistic renderings and realistic graphics is essential.

In a nutshell, you will find that DeVries Construction combines the best construction and exceptional design in elegant luxury. Jacob DeVries provides an elegant and luxurious lifestyle to his clients through his designs and construction.

If you are planning to build your own home, using DeVries Construction is the first connection you need to make!