If you think Montana´s Bitterroot Valley is always cold and covered in snow, then you clearly haven´t lived in Hamilton, Montana in the summertime. The average July temperature in Hamilton, Montana is eighty-five degrees Fahrenheit, and the mercury has even hit the 100 degree mark! For home owners in the Bitterroot Valley, hot temperatures often equate to higher utility costs. Fortunately, luxury home building and design companies like DeVries Construction can help you cut cooling costs from the minute you step foot into your new dream home.

DeVries Construction can help you evaluate and choose an efficient and eco-friendly air conditioning system that will keep your family cool without breaking your budget. Jake DeVries can recommend whole-house fan systems that can pull the hot air out of your upper levels and help cool your home by several degrees. He can also design a floor plan to maximize the stunning sunrise and sunset views from your Bitterroot Valley home, while minimizing unwanted afternoon heat and glare. He can also advise which windows to leave uncovered to highlight the gorgeous view and which to hang insulated curtains over to serve as protective heat barriers. The beauty of building your own luxury dream home from the ground up is that you can design everything exactly how you want it. The sky´s the limit in Big Sky Country!

After you´ve settled into your new custom-built luxury home, keep your thermostat at a constant temperature because lowering it works the system inefficiently, costs you more, and doesn´t cool your space any faster. If you leave your mountain home, lakefront home, or Victorian home during the day, raise your thermostat a couple degrees to conserve energy. You should clean or replace your air conditioner filters about once a month during the summer, and check your A/C ducts checked for leaks that can significantly reduce your system´s efficiency. Look into installing awnings and planting deciduous trees around your new construction luxury home to shade the windows that face south and west. To keep your new home both warm in the winter and cool in the summer, it will need to be properly insulated.

These easy tips are just the tip of the iceberg. With all the options and decisions to make, it´s easy to become overwhelmed when you´re building a new house from the ground up. But fortunately, you don´t have to go at it alone. For over thirty years, DeVries Construction has been helping Bitterroot Valley residents make their dream lifestyle a reality. Draw upon DeVries´ expertise in home cooling and energy efficiency to design a luxury home that beats the summer heat in the Bitterroot Valley. While the initial installation expense may be higher than you anticipated, the long-term benefits of efficiency are well worth the investment. Once you fall in love with your new Montana luxury dream home, you´ll surely want to settle in for a long time to immerse yourself in the culture and experience everything the environment has to offer.


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