Even in the wide open spaces of Montana´s Bitterroot Valley, neighbors can be inevitable. The construction of a new luxury home typically involves cement trucks, generators, backhoes, and cranes. Not only does new home construction require a fleet of noisy equipment, it can also create dust, mud, and temporary road closures. While even the best luxury home builders, including DeVries Construction, can´t prevent these inconveniences, there are steps you can take to ensure friendly relations between you and your neighbors.

Hamilton, Montana residents like their peace and quiet, so always keep your neighbors´ privacy in mind. Your neighbors may feel violated if your construction and utility crews are working close to their yards and windows. As with many things in life, communication is the key to success. Before beginning construction of a new luxury home, let each of your neighbors in on your plan and time frame. If you are concerned about a particular neighbor complaining about noise or mess, tip off your construction company so they can take necessary precautions.

Arrange for your construction company to dispose of project debris on a regular basis and store potentially dangerous materials in safe locations. It is always important to keep your neighbors´ safety in mind during new luxury home construction. Make sure that any holes that are dug for fence posts, tree plantings, and swimming poles are safely covered.
Some cities and neighborhoods restrict construction noise to certain hours and require an after-hours work permit for night or weekend work. If you hire a professional builder, like DeVries, you won´t have to worry about noise ordinances that include construction policies. Let your builder handle the laws and regulations, so you can handle your favorite couple next door. When it comes to new home construction, mindfulness and gratitude go a long way.