Everything is a little greener in Western Montana these days3;.the mountains, the forests, and now the luxury home construction business. Thanks to recent advances in construction technology and materials, luxury homes are now greener than ever.

In the past, Montana´s cold weather patterns have made traditional eco-friendly building methods difficult. However, custom home builders in the Bitterroot Valley/Hamilton area, like DeVries Construction Inc., have the expertise and ingenuity to help buyers design an energy efficient home to reduce their carbon footprint and fit a luxurious lifestyle.

By incorporating high-quality insulation, thermal exchangers, and structural design efficiency, home builders are able to offset the environmental effects of heating, lighting, and other waste emissions. Recycled lumber can often be used for studs, and other recycled materials can be used for insulation and plastic wood products. When constructing the interior of a new home, eco-friendly construction companies can also offer helpful recommendations about how to reduce airflow drafts around doors and windows, improve water heater efficiency, and incorporate solar energy into open spaces.

Now more than ever before, home buyers are taking energy efficiency attributes of homes under consideration. And fortunately, aesthetics no longer have to be sacrificed to build sustainable luxury homes in Big Sky Country.